Taking Care of Your Backpack Sprayer


Just like your bicycle, you also need to maintain your backpack sprayer to make it last. Remember, the greatest back pack sprayer, no matter how many fancy features it has, still needs cleaning to increase its lifespan and make it work the way it should.

Brief Background

Backpack spraying is the use of light, portable, and efficient sprayers to spray a significant amount of liquid to outdoor crops. With it, you can water your plants or keep the pests away using insecticides.

Backpack sprayers enable gardeners to select their target of the spray, reducing the risk of non-target damage. These devices are comfortable to use because they can be worn like a backpack, and they also come at affordable costs.

To ensure that your backpack sprayer can last up to or even longer than its life expectancy, follow the tips below.

Maintenance Tips

Always Clean The Sprayer After Each Use

It’s crucial to rinse your backpack sprayer using water or a tank cleaner after every use. Doing this will avoid liquid and chemicals from building up inside. If you keep it clean, you won’t only prolong its life; you’ll also be able to save money for repairs.

Winterize It

Before the cold season arrives, make sure you winterize your backpack sprayer by adding anti-freeze to its tank to keep it from freezing.

Be Careful When Using Herbicide


If you haven’t handled herbicide before, make sure you check the label first, so you know how to use and dispose of it the right way.





Purchase A Spare Tank

Get an extra tank if you know you’ll be spraying more than one product to your plants. This will save you the trouble of emptying your backpack sprayer tank and refilling it over again. Besides, a spare tank can prevent contamination. For instance, if you want to use a broad-leaf herbicide, you should know that it’s challenging to rinse from tanks because it sticks very well to plastic. This is where an extra tank becomes handy. You could assign a container for every type of liquid you’ll use so that you don’t have to worry about accidentally spraying insecticides to plants that need herbicides instead.

echo-backpack-sprayerCheck If You Need to Lubricate It

Just as bicycle parts (like the chains) sometimes need lubrication, your sprayer’s seals and O-rings might also be in need of it. Check if your manufacturer suggests lubrication of these parts. Most of them recommend you do it at the beginning of the spray season and during midseason if you’re using your backpack sprayer a lot.