Cannabis sativa leaf

Can Marijuana Help an Athlete?

Cannabis sativa leaf

Although most games have banned the use of marijuana, it actually has a potential to help athletes be better at their chosen sport. Think we’re fooling around? Read on.

An interview last November 2014 happened between Men’s Journal and Clifford Drusinsky, who owns a gym in Colorado and happens to train people fired up by cannabis food. He says marijuana helps him relax and allows him to reach a controlled, meditational place. He claims that he trains smarter when he is high.

He isn’t the only one saying so. A few skiers can agree that getting high has helped them perform better.

According to a Stanford Medical School professor, Keith Humphreys, we have cannabinoid receptors in our brains that once THC hits, allows us to reduce worry, making us believe we’re invincible.

Recent studies have shown that those who are slightly high (very functional high) can exercise for longer and get less sore after workouts. They say performance and recovery were both improved.

CyclistHowever, the improvement still depends on the sport. For instance, if you’re a mountain biker or a cyclist, you might get tired faster when high than when sober. Getting high while biking might even cause you to get off the trail and think you’re going faster when, in reality, you’re not!

Then again, some cyclists might say otherwise. The truth is there are still countless debates going on about this, and a few pieces of research and studies aren’t enough to make a conclusion. The idea is new, and it is deemed crazy too!

Even so, it’s better not to close doors regarding the potential of marijuana to improve the performance of athletes. We just know that it has an anti-inflammatory effect and can aid in the escalation of our pain threshold.

Cannabis sativa leafBasically, if you’re an athlete, it’s not entirely safe to use because of the lack of research, plus, there are side effects we still need to discover. But when the right time comes after tons of research, who knows? Maybe smoking or vaping weed with caution can really help boost an athlete’s performance. And by then we’ve probably already cracked the secrets of marijuana. So, if the use of cannabis is legal in your country, you better visit and start growing your own marijuana garden now! Better to be first than last!