Month: August 2017

Aug 30

5 Best Cycling Cities in America

Have you ever tried painting? It’s fun, isn’t? Like painting, cycling is also a great recreational activity. Although you’ll be using your bicycle for the latter and paint sprayers or brushes for the former, both activities can help you relax and have a great sense of accomplishment.

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Now, if you’re in America, you better prep yourself for a cycling adventure soon! These places are perfect for your cycling needs.

Portland, Oregon

As the best place for cycling in the US, Portland has inspired other cities to be cycle-friendly too! This place has the most cyclists ever, and you’ll love not just the places but also the people. You can visit the city’s coffee shops after a day out into the Forest Park or after a short trip to mountain bike trails. If you down own a bike, you can always rent from Veloce Bicycles, Clever Cycles, or Fat Tire Farm.


Chicago, Illinois

Journey ‘round the busy streets of the city and enjoy beautiful sights you never thought you’d see! Chicago is the city you need to go to if you want to feast your eyes on numerous bike lanes and spectacular architecture. You can even jaunt along the gorgeous shoreline.

Boulder, Colorado

Nothing’s bolder than Boulder when it comes to mountain biking! This city highlights its hundreds of miles of paths for cyclists and is also near Walker Ranch, which is a top-class mountain biking trail. Boulder also has a bike share program called the Boulder B-cycle which provides bike access at any B-station every day for 24 hours. You just have to swipe your card, get a bicycle, and cruise around the city. Oh, the joys of cycling!

morning biking boulder

Washington, D.C.

Of course, the capital city can’t be left behind in this matter. Trekking through D.C. with your bike is by far the easiest and quickest way to visit all its distinguished monuments and memorials. Like in Boulder, D.C. also has a program called Capital Bikeshare where you can rent more than 1,800 bikes. You just have to follow the safety tips from the program. If the city’s a bit too crowded for you, perhaps you can visit the 185-mile-long, breathtaking C&O Canal trail with a mountain bike you rented from Big Wheel Bikes.

New York City, New York

If your vagabond shoes are longing to stray right through the very heart of New York just like Frank Sinatra, you better partner those shoes with the right bike! The pandemonium brought by the city’s traffic can be overwhelming, but don’t worry; you can still ride a bike through the Big Apple thanks to its bike lanes. It even has America’s grandest bike share program with more than 6,000 bikes distributed in 330 stations. To avoid all cars, you can always take the Hudson River Greenway which is an 11-mile long secured pedestrian path from Battery Park to Manhattan’s southern tip.

woman bike new york


Aug 17

Health Benefits of Cycling

Did you know that cleaning your house through Pressure Washing can improve your joint mobility and increase the strength and flexibility of your muscles? It may sound a bit odd, but using a pressure washer is like using a bicycle—it’s a great exercise.

But what is cycling anyway? It’s a low impact, muscle workout that results in less strain and injuries compared to other forms of cardio exercise. What’s great about cycling is that it doesn’t require you to have high levels of body skill. It’s also beneficial for one’s stamina and strength because it can be done at an extremely low-intensity level at first.

Cycling is also an excellent way to keep the environment greener because vehicles can contribute to air pollution by emitting hazardous gases. Plus, it allows the rider to have a personal connection to nature, allowing him or her to be more appreciative of it.

This physical activity can reduce stress levels, improve posture, keep the heart healthy, strengthen bones, prevent and manage illnesses, lower depression, and reduce the levels of body fat.

Aside from all these, cycling can also help the rider:

Live Longer

According to the study conducted by King’s College London, people who cycle three 45-minutes rides were nine years younger (biologically) than those who didn’t. Their exercise makes their bodies more efficient in protecting themselves and regenerating new cells.

Look younger

Stanford University’s scientists found that cycling frequently can protect the rider’s skin against the damaging effects of UV radiation and decrease the signs of aging.

Combat sicknesses

The researchers from the University of North Carolina carried out a study, and they found that those who cycle for five 30-minute rides per week take nearly half as many sick days as people who live a sedentary lifestyle.


Improve the brain

According to the researchers of the University of Illinois, cycling can help the brain build new cells in the hippocampus, the center of memory and emotions, which begins to deteriorate when a person turns 30.

Sleep deeper and better

Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine recommended sedentary insomnia patients to cycle for 20-30 minutes every other day and the time needed for them to fall asleep was lowered by half. Their sleep time also increased by nearly an hour!

sleep vector

This is because cycling exposes the riders to daylight, enabling them to get their circadian rhythm in sync. The activity also removes the stress hormone called cortisol from the body, which prevents deep sleep.

Prevent cancer

There’s a lot of evidence that cycling can lower the risk of women having breast cancer by 34%.


woman smiling happy sunglasses

Mild and moderate workouts can release feel-good endorphins throughout the body that can make the rider less stressed and happier, according to Mental Health Foundation’s chief executive, Andrew McCulloch.


Aug 04

Can Marijuana Help an Athlete?

Although most games have banned the use of marijuana, it actually has a potential to help athletes be better at their chosen sport. Think we’re fooling around? Read on.

An interview last November 2014 happened between Men’s Journal and Clifford Drusinsky, who owns a gym in Colorado and happens to train people fired up by cannabis food. He says marijuana helps him relax and allows him to reach a controlled, meditational place. He claims that he trains smarter when he is high.

He isn’t the only one saying so. A few skiers can agree that getting high has helped them perform better.

According to a Stanford Medical School professor, Keith Humphreys, we have cannabinoid receptors in our brains that once THC hits, allows us to reduce worry, making us believe we’re invincible.

Recent studies have shown that those who are slightly high (very functional high) can exercise for longer and get less sore after workouts. They say performance and recovery were both improved.

CyclistHowever, the improvement still depends on the sport. For instance, if you’re a mountain biker or a cyclist, you might get tired faster when high than when sober. Getting high while biking might even cause you to get off the trail and think you’re going faster when, in reality, you’re not!

Then again, some cyclists might say otherwise. The truth is there are still countless debates going on about this, and a few pieces of research and studies aren’t enough to make a conclusion. The idea is new, and it is deemed crazy too!

Even so, it’s better not to close doors regarding the potential of marijuana to improve the performance of athletes. We just know that it has an anti-inflammatory effect and can aid in the escalation of our pain threshold.

Cannabis sativa leafBasically, if you’re an athlete, it’s not entirely safe to use because of the lack of research, plus, there are side effects we still need to discover. But when the right time comes after tons of research, who knows? Maybe smoking or vaping weed with caution can really help boost an athlete’s performance. And by then we’ve probably already cracked the secrets of marijuana. So, if the use of cannabis is legal in your country, you better visit and start growing your own marijuana garden now! Better to be first than last!