Leisure Biking in London – Where to Go

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Many children go through a “bicycle” phase growing up. And the great thing about learning to ride a bike at any time is that you never really lose the skill. You may stop doing it for some time, but getting back on the saddle is fairly easy. With so many potential benefits, biking is one physical activity that everyone should take up. In London, there are several bike paths and cycling routes that are great destinations if you are looking for an enjoyable ride. Here are some of the best places to go for a bike ride either for fitness or leisure.

Herne Hill Velodrome
Location: Burbage Rd, London
Herne Hill Velodrome is an outdoor cycle track. The cycling facility caters not just seasoned cyclists but also to beginners, which makes it a great place to learn or polish your biking skills. Unlike other velodromes, the facility’s track is not as steep which makes it fairly easy for beginners to navigate. The place also offers lessons on the basics of track riding specifically for first time visitors regardless of skill level.

Hyde Park
Location: Serpentine Rd, London
Hyde Park provides a scenic and idyllic setting for a leisurely bike ride. The well-surfaced paths make for an easy ride. It affords bike riders a great view of the landscape, attractions, and activities along the trails.

Regent’s Canal
Location: Camley Street Bridge, London
This is a waterside cycling path with beautiful scenery along the way. The trail stretches for ten kilometers passing by scenic parks and gardens, buildings like pavilions, and a bridge. It also gives a glimpse of the Canary Wharf. There are also quiet cafes to be found along the route where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea before continuing on your ride.

Richmond Park
Location: Richmond
Richmond Park attracts beginners and seasoned bikers alike. The natural scenery provides a breathtaking backdrop for families, mountain bikers, and even road cyclists out for a ride. Renting a bike is also easy with rental facilities within the vicinity. It is a quiet and beautiful place to experience a good ride.

Morden Hall Park
Location: Morden Hall Rd, London
Morden Hall Park offers plenty of spaces for biking. Adults and children can cycle through designated bike trails while enjoying their surroundings. There are lakes and natural attractions that are among the best places to explore while pedaling around. For those looking for more challenging rides, the Wandle Trail provides a scenic route.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
Location: Montfitchet Rd, London, Greater London
Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park covers over 500 acres of parklands. Its many trails provide an enchanting scenery. There is a bike station and a huge space for cycling around the park.

Why Should You Ride Your Bicycle More Often

Why Ride a Bike

Cycling is awesome. No doubt about it. It’s a fun packed activity plus it lets you travel to the most amazing places on earth with less the fatigue. But there are more reasons to ride that bicycle of yours.

Here are some examples:

Cycle for a Healthy Body

Health Cycling
That’s Why They Got That Contraption

We all know that cycling is healthy that’s why they included a cycling machine on that gym that you are going. It’s good for our blood circulation, respiration and it keeps our muscles lean and mean. But how can you last longer in that binge biking that you are doing and be just like Lance Armstrong?

Read these following tips to help you achieve that Biking God status.

Eating enough carbohydrates will result to a healthier and well-maintained body. For cyclists, they need more energy to sprint faster for a longer duration. Foods like vegetables, pasta, fruits, dairy products, and bread are all rich in carbohydrates that can help cyclists to be more energetic and active especially on a long run.

As said above, one of the key ingredients to be an effective cyclist is to eat and sustain enough carbohydrate. Natural and chemical-free food is clearly much healthier and safer than eating processed food which is bad for your body. You can start by making a home-made food to ensure that you are eating fresh food. Eating vegetables, fruits, and pasta every day could be boring to some people. Worry no more, because you can make your own delicious bread at home easily!

With the help of this bread machine, anyone can easily make their fresh and home-made bread at home without struggling. Cyclists should be aware that bread is rich in carbohydrates which can help them to gain more energy and achieve longer run. Bread is one of the top 5 food that is rich in carbohydrates, and by using a bread machine, everyone can easily prepare and consume a more natural and delightful bread at home. People, especially cyclists should consume enough carbohydrates to give them more energy and be more prepared when cycling.

We all know that cycling is a good way to exercise. It can help anyone to maintain their shape through exercising, and aside from that, can also be used to travel and have fun with friends and families. However, cycling is not that effective without having a proper diet. Remember that consuming enough carbohydrates will give more energy, and energy for cyclists is essential for them to keep them sprinting quicker and longer.

Recreation and Commuting

Cycling For Commuting
Say No To Traffic Jam!

In Japan, most of the residents use bikes to go to their workplace and school. It’s ecofriendly and it’s healthy. That’s why I think that we should all go “Turning Japanese”. Instead of riding your car on your way to work, why don’t you try riding that bike of yours instead? It saves you some gas money, it’s super fun and best of all, no freaking Traffic Jam! Win-win situation, right?

If you want to make some friends while you’re in it, you can try to join some bicycle clubs at your place. They usually have a Facebook page so finding them is not that hard to do. A great way of finding new friends and comrades.

Remember. If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, travel with someone.


Check out our other articles if you still want some interesting bike facts. Peace out brother!

Making Cycling Fun


Making Cycling Fun

The summer heat may be on, but you can always go for a ride. However, I’m not talking about car rides or boat rides here. Go for a ride with your trusted bicycle, which you can enjoy more with other fun activities this summer.

And here are some of them:


Sure, cycling is fun when done alone. It’s a form of exercise, one that can also help you build up strength and endurance. But did you know it’s more fun with another person cycling – let alone, behind you? Go for a ride with a dual-bicycle and you’ll never have to enjoy doing things by yourself again.


Who says woodworking is boring? You see, it makes cycling fun – by having a large piece of wood cut and shaped like an exhibition platform. You don’t need to go far just to get your friends see how good you are with cycling now. Just remember: if you’re going cycling at night, have your bicycle and your exhibition platform growing with LED lights for added safety.

Playing Frisbees

Ah, frisbees – circular and lightweight plates that you can throw anywhere with your family, your friends, or your beloved pet dog. Luckily, it’s not just for those running on solid ground. Make cycling fun with it, going around parks and even ponds just to catch it when thrown by your opponent. Just make sure to steer clear of pond water, okay?

Walking Your Dog

Believe me when I say this, walking your dog doesn’t literally mean walking your dog. You see, you can walk your beloved pet on your trusted bicycle. You can even walk your beloved pet on your cool skateboard. Either way, there are no restrictions for walking dogs. All you need to do is make sure it does its business, clean and neat, and you can call it a day or a night.

Hiking Trails

And if you’re looking for more adventure this summer, why not hike trails – with your trusted bicycle? Yes, you read that right. And yes, it’s possible – especially for those who join marathons or triathlons from time to time. You just need to build up strength and endurance beforehand and voila – you’re on your way to conquering that mountain peak, as well as becoming stronger and more enduring!

Do you know any other fun activities you can enjoy with cycling this summer? Share them with us on the comments section below!

Things You Can Make With An Old Bicycle


Who’d have thought old bicycles can be even more awesome?

Here are some things you can make with an old bicycle:

dart board

  • Dart Board – Who says you can’t have fun indoors? Try creating a dart board from your old bicycle. Just take a rim from it, measure its circular and triangular dimensions, glue in felt papers (one black, circular, 1.5 inches from the edge; one red, circular, at the middle; two colors, both circular and triangular, every two inches from the middle and alternately in clockwise direction) on a wooden board, attach the wooden board on one side of the rim, label points on the wooden board, and voila – you can now invite friends over for drinks and a dart game!


  • Clock – As they say, time is gold. Create a clock from your old bicycle. Just take a rim from it, get a wall clock that matches its dimensions, make clock hands out of either wood or plastic, disassemble the clock, get the clock machine and the clock face, attach the clock machine, clock face, and clock hands right at the middle, and there it is – your own bicycle clock! You can also check out this blog post from SCTimes to learn more tips, tricks, and advice when “mixing clock and bike parts.”


  • Mini-Table – Want to make your living room or bedroom even more unique? Try creating a mini-table from your old bicycle. All you need to do is use any circular parts your old bicycle has, securing it on metal stands, attaching it with glass surfaces, and poof – you now have a new mini-table! Also remember to use the right kind of saw when cutting down the needed parts to prevent serious accidents that might come with using a saw incorrectly. For this, you can check out some of Tim’s favorite circular saws.

Indeed, your old bicycle can be even more awesome when used to create masterpieces such as those mentioned above.

Eating for Health & Fitness: Dining Out Tips


Eating healthy can be a bit of a challenge if you frequently eat out. But dining out for convenience, lunch or dinner meetings, and various other reasons is often unavoidable. Thankfully, a growing number of fast food chains and restaurants are introducing healthier options to more health-conscious clienteles. But even without that welcome change, there are different ways you can make healthy food choices when eating out at restaurants. The important thing is to keep staying healthy while eating out a primary goal and work out a plan on how you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Think ahead. You do not have to know every detail to plan ahead. Create a healthy eating plan for the day when you know you are dining out. Avoid skipping meals which can make you overeat. Make a mental note of the meals and snacks you had prior to your next expected meal at the restaurant. The key is not to overindulge, especially if you are trying to manage your weight.

Be mindful of ingredients. Most restaurant menus provide detailed descriptions of what goes into every dish they are offering. Make it a habit to study the menu carefully before placing your order. Try to steer clear of anything deep fried, creamy, and other potentially calorie-rich or fatty items.

Control portion size. Portion sizes are usually larger in many restaurants. If you are eating out alone, you can ask the server to split your order in two and have the other half to go. That way you can enjoy half of your meal, take the rest home, and just heat it for your next meal. Controlling portion size is easier when you are dining out with family, friends, or co-workers. Many restaurants offer group meals for everyone to share. Alternatively, you can share your large-size meal to others when the group option is not available.

Skip the sugary drinks. Liquid calories are among the things you need to consider when you have to make healthy food choices when eating out. Steer clear of sodas, iced teas, fruit juices, and other sugary drinks. If you want to drink anything other than water, you can ask for unsweetened drinks or for low- or fat-free milk on your coffee.

Avoid add-ons.
It helps to keep in mind that everything that goes into your plate can add to the total calories of your meal. Try to limit the “extras” by extra gravies or sauces they may be offering. Ask for salad dressing to be served on the side. This can help you control the amount of dressing that goes into your salad.